Fly Tying Workshop 18/09/14

Patterns and materials for the next fly tying workshop

Badger and gold lure

Badger & Gold lure (600x400)

  • Hook  Size 8 or 10 longshank
  • Body  Flat gold tinsel
  • Rib  Oval gold tinsel
  • Wing  Two natural badger cock hackles back to back
  • Hackle  Dyed orange cock wound as a collar

 Large Klinkhammer

Large Klinkhammer (600x400)

  • Hook  Size 10 or 12 curved shank or Partridge Klinkhammer
  • Post  Coloured antron wool
  • Body Rabbit fur or similar
  • Thorax  Dark rabbit or dyed dubbing brown or black
  • Hackle   Natural cock hackle to suit pattern

 Damsel nymph  

Olive Damsel Nymph (600x400)

  • Hook  Size 10 weighted with lead wire
  • Tail  Olive marabou
  • Tag and rib  Fluorescent green floss
  • Body  Olive marabou fibres dubbed on to the thread and wound
  • Hackle  Partridge dyed green
  • Eyes  Black plastic boillie stops