Technique Workshop 18/12/14 – upright wings, posting and parachute hackles

Fly Tying Technique Workshop

Thursday December 18th at 8pm

Patterns and materials for next workshop – come and join us!

Upright wings, posting and parachute hackles

Frank will demo posting and parachute hackles to help you tie emerger patterns. He will also cover other materials for dry fly wings building on from last month’s workshop.


  • Size 12 hooks
  • Antron wool
  • Dry fly hackles
  • Dry fly dubbing
  • Mallard breast feathers
  • Natural grey squirrel tail
  • Thread, vice, tools etc

Example One – Grey Wulff – example of bundled fibre hair wingGrey wulff (600x400)

Grey Wulff – Step One

Grey – Wulff – Step Two

Example Two – mallard feather bundled fibre wing

Bundled fibre wing


Bundled fibre wing

Example ThreeKlinkhammer

Parachute hackle & post (600x400)

Klinkhammer – Step One

Klinkhammer – Step Two