Stuart Crofts

Stuart Crofts tied a variety of terrestrial fly patterns when he visited Congleton Fly Tying Club

More tying details and tips for these patterns can be found here  Stuart Croft Terrestrials

SMC Greenfly

SMC Greenfly (600x4000

A good pattern when greenfly or any of the aphids are on the menu, simply change the colour to match the most common types you find on your water.

  • Hook    Size 20 Partridge SUD
  • Thread    Unithread 8/0 (colour to best match natural)
  • Hackle    Good quality genetic type in grizzle or grey
  • Body   Wapsi super fine synthetic dubbing (colour to best match natural)

A.B. Midge (bow tie wing version)

A B Midge (600x400)

  • Hook    Partridge SLD size 16 – 20
  • Thread    Unithread 8/0 – black
  • Body    Veniard “Easy Dub” micro chenille (must be this type!), black or grey
  • Wing    Poly yarn/aero wing (in either white, orange, pink or black) tied “bow tie” style
  • Thorax    Grey CDC (dubbed)

SMC Black Terrestrial

Black Terrestrial (600x400)

  • Hook    Partridge SUD size 16, 18, 20
  • Thread    Black unithread 8/0
  • Body/thorax    Fine black closed cell form (prepared strip about 50mm long x 2mm sq.)
  • Hackle    Black cock

Riveted Black Smut

Riveted Black Smut (600x400)

  • Hook    Partridge SLD size 18 – 20
  • Thread    Unithread 8/0 – black
  • Body    Two parts: bulbous rear – black thread, parallel middle – red holograph tinsel
  • Wing   Grey CDC feathers

Micro Midge

Micro Midge (600x400)

  • Hook    Varivas 2300 Ultra Midge – size 30
  • Thread    Unithread 8/0 – black
  • Body   Tying thread
  • Outriggers   Pearl micro flash (Veniards)
  • Sighter    Very fine poly yarn in either white or pink
  • Thorax    Mole or shrew