About our club

We are an affiliated branch of the Fly Dressers guild, located in the Cheshire town of Congleton, in the North West of England. The goal of our club is to promote fly tying and fly fishing on rivers, lakes and salt water.

We run fly tying evenings through September until April and then take some time off to fish in the spring and summer months. We have popular speaker evenings where a prominent fly tying personality, expert or celebrity will give a talk or demonstration of some aspect of fishing, fly tying or tackle. We also hold workshops and fly tying evenings where we recreate the new and wonderful fly patterns demonstrated to us.

We have a variety of experts on hand who have extensive experience of fly tying (AAPGAI instructor) as well as fly fishing for salmon, sea trout and trout. Our location is near to local still waters and rivers (the River Dane runs through Congleton) but our members have extensive experience river fishing for salmon and grayling on the Welsh Dee, major midlands trout still waters as well as local small waters.

Fly fishing and tying are becoming more and more diverse with most species able to be caught with fly rod and line. There’s been a big surge in pike and saltwater fly fishing and we continue to develop our skills with talks and demonstrations on these developments in fly tying and fly fishing.

We hold a few fishing outings on local still waters and one major reservoir during April to September and compete in the John Watt competition, the main Fly dressers guild boat competition, held at Grafham water at the end of August.

Our new venue is the Cygnet club located at 12, Swan Bank next door to the Counting house (Wetherspoons) in Congleton where we hold meetings twice a month in September through to April on Thursday evenings. There is a car park at the back of the building which is accessed from Antrobus Street. Park there and walk through the alleyway to Swan Bank.

Our Latest News

Workshop Patterns – 22nd August 2019

We’ll be tying three patterns in our workshop on 22nd August 2019. These are as follows: FALSE HARES EAR SPIDERA variation of the hares lug and plover Hook:  Size 12  Thread:   Brown  Body:   Fox Squirrel body fur Rib:  Fine gold wire or waxed  yellow thread  Hackle:  Golden Pheasant wing covert (you can use a

Fly Tying Workshop – 8th August 2019

This was our first workshop of the season specifically designed for new members to come along to the club and enjoy a demonstration from Frank Moors of 4-simple fly patterns.  These comprised of; Buzzer, Partridge and Orange, Klinkhammer and a Predator fly. Partridge & Orange Spider Hook: Size 12 short shank, medium wire hookThread: Waxed

Cheshire Game and Angling Fair 2019

Members from our fly tying club attended the 2019 Cheshire Game and Angling Fair in Peover Park. This is a chance for the club to get out and about, socialise with like-minded people, to tell bad jokes and to share techniques with many of the visitors to the angling village. The angling village offers a

Tying Demonstration: Frank Moors 22nd March 2019

The Endrick Spider Variation Hook: Size 12 down eye wet fly hookThread: Pearsall’s Gossamer light orange (6A) waxed.Rib and body: Copper wire  Tail and body: Natural pheasant tail. Hackle: Grey partridge body feather. From a Guide to River Trout Flies by John RobertsThe copper wire underbody could be applied either separately or together with the

Guest Speaker: Paul Little 21st February 2019

The Lady Caroline Classic Salmon fly Hook: Partridge HE 2, Size 1/0 long shank blind hook with silkworm gut eyeThread: Danville 6/0 Olive changing to Black for the head.Ribs: Flat gold, Oval silver, Oval gold tinsels.Tail: Golden Pheasant breast feather. Body hackle: Heron back quill (Palmered). Body: Mixed brown and olive Marino sheep wool dubbing

Tying Demonstration: Frank Moors 7th February 2019

The Thunder Spey Hook: Size 10 Partridge Patriot double gold hookThread: Black 8/0 thread.Tag: Fine gold oval tinsel /orange Glo-brite floss No. 6.Body: Black 600 denier floss.Tail: Golden Pheasant crest feather. Rib: Gold oval tinsel.Palmered Hackle: Orange Chinese cock feather.Hackle: Dyed blue spotted guinea fowl body feather Trigger point: Two Jungle Cock nails. The black 8/0 thread

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