The Thunder Spey

Hook: Size 10 Partridge Patriot double gold hook
Thread: Black 8/0 thread.
Tag: Fine gold oval tinsel /orange Glo-brite floss No. 6.
Body: Black 600 denier floss.
Tail: Golden Pheasant crest feather. 
Rib: Gold oval tinsel.
Palmered Hackle: Orange Chinese cock feather.
Hackle: Dyed blue spotted guinea fowl body feather 
Trigger point: Two Jungle Cock nails.

The black 8/0 thread was started at the eye and a layer the length of the shank added. Frank recommended securing the initial thread layer with a figure of eight around the root of the bifurcation of the double hook.

The double tag comprised fine gold tinsel; ca 4-turns with the tinsel end finished by folding under the tag and tying in at the base of the hook bifurcation, followed by ca 2mm wrap of hot orange floss of above the tinsel.

The golden pheasant crest feather tail was tied in over the tag and the rib (same material as the tag tinsel) tied in with thread wraps back to the head area.

A doubled-up length of black floss tied in at the head area. The body was made by touching turns of the doubled floss the full length of the body and back, tying in at the head area.

A “dirty orange” cock hackle was tied in by the rachis at the head area (the rachis was flattened to ensure that the feather tied in securely without adding too much bulk to the body) and palmered the length of the shank and secured by ca 5 turns of the tinsel rib.

A blue guinea fowl hackle (2-3 turns) was tied in by the feather tip and 2 Jungle cock feathers pointing upwards away from the hook eye.

The Cascade (and variant)

Hook: Size 10 Partridge Patriot double hook
Thread: Black 8/0 thread.
Tail: Yellow / hot orange bucktail / Krystal flash
Body: Flat silver tinsel (oval for variant)/ black floss.
Rib: Fine silver oval tinsel.
Wing: Black squirrel tail/ Krystal flash.
Hackle: Sunburst yellow/orange cock feathers

On the evening Frank tied a variant of this fly owing to the lack of flat silver tinsel and opted not to add micro Krystal flash to the tail and wing, the tying describes the tying of the standard with crystal flash rather than the variant: the photo above is of the standard fly.

The black 8/0 thread was started at the eye and a layer the length of the shank added.  

The tail length was ca 2 times the length of the hook shank (shorter tails could be tied if desired) and was sequential; a small clump of yellow and similar of hot orange bucktail tied over, 4-strands of Krystal flash could be added if desired.

The fine oval tinsel rib was tied in at the tail and medium flat silver tinsel tied in half way along the shank with thread wraps.  The lower half of the body was made by overlapping wraps of flat silver tinsel to the tail and back to half way along the shank. Black floss was then tied in at the head with overlapping wraps to the start of the silver tinsel and back to the head area to form the 2nd half of the body.  The whole of the body was ribbed by ca 5-turns of the oval silver tinsel.

(In the variant tied on the evening: touching turns of the rib material (oval silver tinsel) was used to create the first half of the body then tied in.  The 2nd half of the body formed, as above, and the black floss body section ribbed with the end piece of oval silver tinsel).

The wing was formed with a small clump of black squirrel tail tied in below the head area to approximately 1/2 the length of the tail, 2 strands of Krystal flash cut to the wing length could be added if desired.

The hackle comprised 2-3 turns of sunburst yellow Chinese cock feather (tied in at the tip) followed by a similarly tied orange Chinese cock hackle.

The head finished with clear varnish.   

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